To celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary,  we made our first trip abroad.


This five-page website remembers our trip to Italy.  We are grateful we chose a Rick Steves Tour!


Although it is almost a year from our April 2019 trip, Rick and I continue to bask in the warm memories we made.  As I build this website, I'm amazed at how the photos of our group, guides, and excursions ignite a joy in my heart.  I've never had a trip stay with me so deeply.  Even the food photos bring back delightful tastes that I'll never forget.  


Rick's dedication to his work in Chicago made him wonder if  we could take enough time off for a trip to Europe.  The Heart of Italy nine day tour was a perfect length for our needs.


Since there is plenty of information online and in print about our itinerary, I decided not to spend time recapping the fantastic highlights of each destination.  Rick S already does this so well in his books.  

Instead, these website pages focus on themes that have emerged as I recall our trip. 


Customer service before our trip was stellar, the accomodations were fantastic but our guides are the reason we will continue to travel on RS tours.  Their expertise and enthusiasm made each day unforgettable.